Welcome to YOUWOWS!

We love tools that promote a healthier mind, body and soul, our mission is to create harmony within ourselves and the world around us.We are loving parents, we are free spirits, we are hardworking people, our goal is to inspire love and happiness through our collection of spiritual items.welcome to our loving community.

This is why we have decided to reinvent Crystal Fashion! 

We are committed to find and create the most beautiful natural stone and spiritual jewelry in the world so that every one of our customers can carry the power of stones at all times and benefit from their energy. Our goal is to find the most beautiful spiritual jewelry around the world just for you.


Where are our jewelry designed and made?

Our design team is in the United States. Designers combine different natural stones with current popular elements to design. Each bracelet has its own characteristics and is unique. We also accept design suggestions from customers.

Youwows was given a chance to expand its artisan community to include a family of more than 100 artisans in small communities and villages in Vietnam, Thailand and China, by lovely groups of artisans that manufacture every piece from their home and put their biggest effort into creating an amazing product just for you, while giving special attention to every detail.

Through every purchase of one of our products, we and our beloved customers are helping working artisans from small villages around the world to earn a living while working from home and by this helping them with an extra income source without having to sacrifice precious time with their children.



Thank You For Your Love♡

YOUWOWS Crystal Team