How to Cleanse and Care for Crystals

Just like humans, crystals need cleansing, energy resetting and recharging. You know your crystal/s need cleansing if they seem to lose their shine, sparkle, brightness, luster, color or felt sensation of strength. Often dust is attracted to crystals which can alter the energetic and healing properties of the stone due to lowering the number of photons of light reaching the crystal. Crystals also pick-up the energy of people who have touched or used them. There is nothing wrong with this energy but it is helpful to clear the energy to support the crystals greatest healing potential. 

There are many ways you can accomplish cleansing your crystals. The method you choose will depend on the properties of the crystal and your own individual intuition and preference. One of the most important aspects of cleansing crystals is setting an intention for the cleansing. This is almost as important as the process of cleansing itself. Before you begin your chosen cleansing method, think about the intention for cleansing, what you are doing and why. As you cleanse your crystals allow your focus to be on the intention. 

Ways to Cleanse Crystals

Cleansing with water

  • Use a very mild detergent with luke-warm water in a bowl and then rinse with clear running water.
  • Hold crystals under cold running water for 2-3 minutes while holding intention in mind or put crystals in a bowl and run water over crystals in sink. If a crystal has been working hard then more time may be needed. Use intuition to know when cleansed. Let dry naturally.

Cleansing with a soft brush

  • You can use a soft brush to dust off accumulated build-up.

    Cleansing with sound

    • Use a tuning fork, Tibetan singing bowl, crystal bowls, bells, chanting, drumming or cymbals to
    • Place stones near the instrument and hold intention in mind. For singing bowls, place stones in bowls and circle stick around rim. For chanting, hold stones in hands while chanting.

    Cleansing with smoke – incense and smudge sticks

    • Use incense, cones, resins, herbs or smudge sticks that make sufficient smoke will cleanse and clear crystals.
    • Sandalwood, juniper, frankincense and sage have strong purifying properties and are popular with energy workers.
    • Light incense, resin or smudge sticks and carefully hold stone through smoke or place incense near stones for constant access to smoke.

    Surround your crystals with other cleansed crystals

    • Place crystals on an amethyst or quartz bed, or inside a geode and allow the crystalline energies to cleanse and clear. Allow your intuition to guide you as to how long to leave.
    • As you become more attuned to crystal energy you may begin to feel and notice the subtle energetic qualities of the crystals and the messages they have for you. Let these messages guide you.

    Cleansing with the sun

    • Place in sun with clear intention or after cleansing the crystal with water you can leave the crystal in the sun to dry and recharge with solar energy.
    • Be mindful doing this with quartz as it can focus the sun’s rays and be a fire risk.

    Cleansing with the moon

    • Hold your crystals with a clear intention and leave crystals in the direct light of a full or new moon
    • Hold your crystals with an intention or small prayer before leaving overnight.

      Breath, light and Reiki

      • Hold intention and breathe multiple times over the stones.
      • If you are Reiki attuned place hands over crystal and provide clear intention.
      • Visualize a healing light over the crystals to protect, cleanse and clear.
      • Swiftly pass stones through the light of a candle.

      Citrine, Kyanite, and Azeztulite are crystals that are self-cleansing and never need cleaning.  Clear Quartz and Carnelian cleanse other crystals (good for cleansing fragile and water-soluble crystals) but do require cleaning themselves after. Keep a carnelian stone in a bag of stones and you will never need to cleanse your crystals.

      Other important notes on care and use

      • When crystals are not in use, it can be helpful to wrap them in a silk or velvet cloth to protect from scratching or energy transference.
      • After purchasing crystals always cleanse.
      • After using crystals for healing always cleanse.
      • Always cleanse jewelry that comes to you from someone else as it can pass on energy from the other person.
      • Tumbled stones are tougher and can be kept together. Other crystals should be kept separately to avoid damage.