All Jewelry and Accessories should be treated with care. Here are some tips to look after your items to ensure they continue to look good:

• Avoid exposure to water, perfume, hairspray, lotion, and chemicals.

• We recommend taking your pieces off while sleeping, swimming or undertaking any other sporting activities.

• Clean after use with a soft dry cloth.

• Keep in the jewelry pouch provided or small plastic bag to avoid scratches.

• Store in a dry area. Avoid hot & humid areas.

Avoid banging your wrist on table tops, laptops and any other hard surfaces.

Should you notice the sparkle of the stones is dull or slight tarnish from regular wear, you may wash with mild hand soap with cold water or use professional jewelry cleaner to restore to its full sparkle. Use a soft toothbrush to reach the small corners to clean if need be.

Body oil & sweat may cause the plating to tarnish, depending on the acidity of each individual. High humidity and dampness may also cause tarnish. We recommend not to wear full time and to remove after wear and keep in a dry area.All metals are delicate, so treat your piece with love and care! 


Freshwater Pearls are made naturally by the oyster or mussel. They will retain their natural color and luster if well maintained. After each wear, use a soft dry cloth to wipe your pearls as perspiration and body oil from the skin is acidic and may affect the pearl's luster. Pearl jewelry may require restringing with regular use and over time.

Our jewelry is not supposed to be precious but, a bit like humans, imperfect and a little bit beat up.
What's most important is that you love them!