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Meticulously crafted, this bracelet combines the gentle energies of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Unakite, and Moonstone crystals, offering you unparalleled support and nurturing vibrations throughout this miraculous chapter of your life.

Revered for its remarkable ability to promote a healthy pregnancy, Unakite harmonizes your body, fostering a state of calmness and centeredness as you embrace each stage of your journey. Its loving energy envelops you, providing a gentle, nurturing embrace that supports you through the transformative process of creating new life.

Moonstone, a powerful ally in maintaining hormonal balance, emanates soothing vibrations that infuse your being with a profound sense of tranquility, helping you navigate the beautiful experience of pregnancy with grace and relaxation.

Rose Quartz, the tender heart healer, works its magic by opening and activating the heart chakra, strengthening the sacred bond between mother and baby. This gentle crystal encourages the flow of unconditional love, enveloping both you and your growing little one in its warm embrace. With heightened self-esteem and confidence, you are prepared to embrace the transformative journey of motherhood with grace and joy.

The powerful presence of Clear Quartz brings balance and harmony to the body's energy system, aligning and attuning it to the natural rhythms of pregnancy. Clear Quartz's tranquil essence helps soothe any fearful thoughts or anxieties related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Feel the gentle embrace of Unakite, the serene calm of Moonstone, the tender love of Rose Quartz, and the empowering energy of Clear Quartz as you nurture and celebrate the miracle of life within you. Trust in the profound wisdom of these crystals as you embark on this sacred journey, knowing that you are supported and cherished every step of the way.

Affirmation: " I am strong enough to create and sustain this growing life"


In differences lies the beauty. Since gemstones are natural materials, stone colors and shapes may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet, making our beautiful handmade items one of a kind ( just like you 💖 ) 


  • Stones: Unakite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz
  • Material: Elastic
  • Stone size: 6mm
  • Weight: 17g-23g (according to the size)

A Youwow bracelet is:

  • Authentic stones: We create our beads from raw stones, whose authenticity and quality are carefully checked by our expert gemologist. To wrap a Youwows bracelet around your wrist is to surround yourself with the therapeutic forces of Mother Earth.
  • A preserved vibration: This careful selection of gemstones allows them to fully retain their pure and natural vibrations; Their powers over body and mind are intact.
  • Unique Design: Each product has been hand-picked for a variety of uses - to improve focus, to invite abundance into your life, to deconstruct energy blockages - whatever you seek during your moments of prosperity.
  • Very soft materials: We have selected the best elastics, imported from Japan, for their quality fibers. Your Youwows bracelet is durable and good for your health.
  • Experienced and ethical manufacturers: We work with suppliers who care about the environment and responsible mining.
  • Purified with Palo Santo before shipping.

Beautiful Sustainable

Design by heart, made by hand

Each piece is made with great care and dedication by all of our team. All of them are an essential part of us and have become part of YOUWOWS Family. They put their heart and soul into every piece they make, and they hope that you will enjoy wearing it as much as they have enjoyed making it for you.

We know that when you buy a piece of jewelry, you're not just buying something beautiful to wear—you're buying into an experience. You're buying into the story behind it. You're buying into the artisan mom who created it, who makes each piece with love and care and dedication.

And when you wear your YOUWOWS pieces? Your story becomes theirs, too—and we want to hear all about it! So please tag us on instagram when you get your new favorite necklace or bracelet in the mail! We would love to see how much joy your new piece brings to your life!

Beautiful Sustainable

We want to take the time to thank you for choosing our product. We believe that every product should be made with the health of the earth in mind, and we are proud to say that our products is not only eco-friendly but is made with natural gemstones and hand-woven cowhide rope, which can fully return to the natural state with a biodegradation rate of more than 95%.

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