Hope & Confidence Amazonite Bracelet


Color: Gold

Rose Gold
Product Properties
Unveil the ethereal allure of the Hope & Confidence Amazonite Bracelet, where each bead is a microcosm of nature's boundless beauty - shimmering like sunlight dancing on tranquil waters and reminiscent of countless grains of golden sand kissed by time.

Historically prized by ancient pharaohs as a talisman for journeying into the ethereal realms, Amazonite's legacy is a tale of hope cherished across ages and civilisations. A harmoniser of the soul, it gently aligns your chakras and prepares you for a tranquil journey into the realms of higher existence.

Let the gentle cadence of Amazonite's energy, like a still stream, wash over your restless spirit, cleansing the heart of burdens carried too long. With each heartbeat, feel the gentle touch of Amazonite strengthening the life-giver within, igniting a flame of desire to explore uncharted waters with a heart full of hope.

In a world where chaos often reigns, adorning your wrist with the Hope & Confidence Amazonite Bracelet is a pledge to serenity, a conscious step towards embracing the soothing whisper of hope and the indomitable spirit of confidence that lies within us all. Unveil the path of serene assurance and let the gentle embrace of Amazonite guide you to a realm where every aspiration is cradled in a cocoon of possibility.

Affirmation: "In the embrace of Amazonite, I am a bastion of hope, a pillar of strength.

  • Stones:  Amazonite
  • Bead Size: 3mm
  • Bracelet Length: 6.3“ + 2” (Extension)

    A Youwow bracelet is:

    • Authentic stones: We create our beads from raw stones, whose authenticity and quality are carefully checked by our expert gemologist. To wrap a Youwows bracelet around your wrist is to surround yourself with the therapeutic forces of Mother Earth.
    • A preserved vibration: This careful selection of gemstones allows them to fully retain their pure and natural vibrations; Their powers over body and mind are intact.
    • Unique Design: Each product has been hand-picked for a variety of uses - to improve focus, to invite abundance into your life, to deconstruct energy blockages - whatever you seek during your moments of prosperity.
    • Durable Material: We have chosen the finest jewelry steel wire, imported from Japan, for its exceptional quality.
    • Experienced and ethical manufacturers: We work with suppliers who care about the environment and responsible mining.
    • Purified with Palo Santo before shipping.

    Beautiful Sustainable

    Design by heart, made by hand

    Each piece is made with great care and dedication by all of our team. All of them are an essential part of us and have become part of YOUWOWS Family. They put their heart and soul into every piece they make, and they hope that you will enjoy wearing it as much as they have enjoyed making it for you.

    We know that when you buy a piece of jewelry, you're not just buying something beautiful to wear—you're buying into an experience. You're buying into the story behind it. You're buying into the artisan mom who created it, who makes each piece with love and care and dedication.

    And when you wear your YOUWOWS pieces? Your story becomes theirs, too—and we want to hear all about it! So please tag us on instagram when you get your new favorite necklace or bracelet in the mail! We would love to see how much joy your new piece brings to your life!

    Beautiful Sustainable

    We want to take the time to thank you for choosing our product. We believe that every product should be made with the health of the earth in mind, and we are proud to say that our products is not only eco-friendly but is made with natural gemstones and hand-woven cowhide rope, which can fully return to the natural state with a biodegradation rate of more than 95%.

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