Sodalite Natural Necklace For Relaxation

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In today's fast-paced world, unwinding at the end of the day can sometimes feel like a distant dream. Enter Sodalite, your personal oasis in a sea of constant activity. Known for its calming properties, Sodalite invites you to embrace a state of serene repose.

Sodalite, with its serene blue hues, is a gemstone celebrated for promoting relaxation. It ushers in tranquility, quieting the mental chatter that often keeps us tossing and turning at night. This stone's gentle energy is a balm for the psyche, helping to alleviate tension and encourage a state of restful repose.

As you adorn yourself with this necklace, allow the cool touch of Sodalite to usher in a wave of calmness, Harmonize your internal energies and lead you to a place of mental clarity and peacefulness. Sodalite doesn’t just pave the way for a restful night’s sleep; it also supports you during waking hours, dispelling fears and promoting a relaxed, yet alert, state of mind.

Incorporate this gemstone into your daily routine, and watch as it diffuses the frantic vibrations of the day, replacing them with a harmonious frequency that aligns with your inner stillness.

Affirmation: Embrace affirmations that foster a tranquil spirit, such as “I am enveloped in calm” or “My mind rests in stillness.”

  • Five Faceted Round Sodalite Size: 6 mm, Bookended By Tiny Beads
  • Super Strong Waxed Nylon Cord
  • Sterling Silver Lobster Clasp
  • FSC Certified Card
  • Necklace Has An Adjustable Length:16"+2" Extension

    A Youwow Necklace is:

    • Authentic Stones: Our necklaces are adorned with hand-cut gemstones, each selected from raw stones. Their authenticity and quality are meticulously checked by our expert gemologist. Wearing a Youwow necklace is not just a fashion statement, but a connection to the therapeutic energies of Mother Earth, crafted both beautifully and responsibly.
    • Preserved Vibration: The gemstones are chosen with care to ensure they retain their pure and natural vibrations. As a result, their beneficial properties, impacting both body and mind, remain fully intact.
    • Unique Design: Each necklace is crafted with a specific purpose in mind - be it enhancing focus, attracting abundance, or clearing energy blockages. Each is a versatile piece that complements your moments of prosperity and personal development.
    • Gentle-to-the-Touch Materials: To ensure both strength and safety, we use the finest Japanese waxed nylon, in our necklaces. This choice of material not only guarantees durability but also aligns with your health and comfort needs.
    • Experienced and Ethical Craftsmanship: In line with our commitment to the planet, we collaborate exclusively with suppliers who are dedicated to responsible mining and environmental stewardship.
    • Purification: Prior to shipping, each necklace is cleansed with Palo Santo, ensuring that you receive an item not only of beauty and quality but also of purified and positive energy.

    Beautiful Sustainable

    Design by heart, made by hand

    Each piece is made with great care and dedication by all of our team. All of them are an essential part of us and have become part of YOUWOWS Family. They put their heart and soul into every piece they make, and they hope that you will enjoy wearing it as much as they have enjoyed making it for you.

    We know that when you buy a piece of jewelry, you're not just buying something beautiful to wear—you're buying into an experience. You're buying into the story behind it. You're buying into the artisan mom who created it, who makes each piece with love and care and dedication.

    And when you wear your YOUWOWS pieces? Your story becomes theirs, too—and we want to hear all about it! So please tag us on instagram when you get your new favorite necklace or bracelet in the mail! We would love to see how much joy your new piece brings to your life!

    Beautiful Sustainable

    We want to take the time to thank you for choosing our product. We believe that every product should be made with the health of the earth in mind, and we are proud to say that our products is not only eco-friendly but is made with natural gemstones and hand-woven cowhide rope, which can fully return to the natural state with a biodegradation rate of more than 95%.

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