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    The Incredible 7 Chakra Balance Tassel

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    Chakra is the incredible energy of the universe that is found within each of us. In order to attain and use such energy, one must learn to open each of the 7 Chakra inhibitors located within the body and mind. 

    Designed to balance the seven chakras, our handcrafted 7 Chakra stone collection brings harmony and balance to the body and spirit. Each hanging piece corresponds the seven chakras with natural colored gemstones, this beautiful Hanging 7 Chakra Gemstones promotes healing and vitality. It is embellished with a burst of 7 chakra crystal chips for the tailpiece.

    Feel the energy of your chakras as this beautiful piece helps restore them to balance.

    1) Root Chakra: I am safe. I am one with Gaia.
    2) Sacral Chakra: I am a beautiful being
    3) Solar Plexus Chakra: I am free. I am strong.
    4) Heart Chakra: I am love.
    5) Throat Chakra: I am truth and integrity.
    6) Third Eye Chakra: I am that I am.
    7) Crown Chakra: We are all one. 

    *Since gemstones are natural materials, stone colors and shapes may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet, making our beautiful handmade items one of a kind (just like you 💖

    •Material: Clear crystal quartz, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Tiger eye, Red agate, Red jasper
    •Product Type: Charm, Natural Stone Decoration
    •Stone Size: 18 to 22CM

    •Length: 20 to 30MM

    •Handmade with Love and Carefully Manufactured

    •Comes in a
    YOUWOWS gift bag

    Design by heart, made by hand

    Each piece is made with great care and dedication by all of our team. All of them are an essential part of us and have become part of YOUWOWS Family. They put their heart and soul into every piece they make, and they hope that you will enjoy wearing it as much as they have enjoyed making it for you.

    We know that when you buy a piece of jewelry, you're not just buying something beautiful to wear—you're buying into an experience. You're buying into the story behind it. You're buying into the artisan mom who created it, who makes each piece with love and care and dedication.

    And when you wear your YOUWOWS pieces? Your story becomes theirs, too—and we want to hear all about it! So please tag us on instagram when you get your new favorite necklace or bracelet in the mail! We would love to see how much joy your new piece brings to your life!

    Beautiful Sustainable

    We want to take the time to thank you for choosing our product. We believe that every product should be made with the health of the earth in mind, and we are proud to say that our products is not only eco-friendly but is made with natural gemstones and hand-woven cowhide rope, which can fully return to the natural state with a biodegradation rate of more than 95%.

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    Debbie Toews
    Chakra Balance Tassel

    Beautiful! The stones are quite large. I will shop here again!

    That's wonderful! Your warm feedback means so much to us.

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    The Incredible 7 Chakra Balance Tassel

    $47.99 $24.99